The services provided within HR Consulting include:
Review of job and organisation design from a human resources perspective to ensure they complement and support the culture and aims of the business.
Determination of remuneration levels and market data for specific positions. For example, this may involve conducting a survey of a targeted group of companies while ensuring all incumbents are accurately matched with regards to skill, responsibilities and experience.
Provide remuneration advice on Directors emoluments.
Design of reward including fixed and variable remuneration programs. We also help our clients identify, where possible, benefits that are tax effective for their employees. We design and make recommendations on the structure and design of both short and long term incentive programs to ensure it links with the performance objectives.
Review employment contracts for managerial staff through to the installation of EBA’s and AWA’s for award staff. This will ensure clarity/transparency of obligations for both parties preventing litigation and a smooth outcome at the time of termination.
Undertake HR due diligence on possible takeovers so as to appropriately develop a bid for the organisation.
Assistance in the planning and implementing of cultural change accompanied by transition and retention policies to ensure minimum disruption to the business.
Review, make recommendations and/or create personnel policies. These may cover topics particular to motor vehicles, relocation, superannuation and other benefits policies.
Employee attitude surveys, with an emphasis on identifying and solving negative company’s effects of particular human resources policies.
Act as mediator/counsellor to management or Board’s of Directors on resolving disputes/finding solutions to problems.
Development and implementation of communication strategies to ensure all interested parties are informed of the human resources policies. This would include writing employee booklets and holding workshops to ensure employees are comfortable and fully understand the new policies.

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